Chicken Mesh

Choose the Best for Your Hens, Choose Chicken Mesh!

Chicken Mesh Fence

chicken net for poultry protection
The chicken mesh is an good idea for the care of your poultry as is a very resistant and durable.

The chicken mesh is a special net. It can be fabricated from many materials, like flexible or thin steel and is made by twisting two wires four times, to make it resistant and durable. Because of the high strength, even if is deteriorated in one place, the structure still stands. It is reliable and it stands fixated in any weather, thanks to galvanization. In this process, the wire is coated with protective zinc. The first wire netting machine was built in 1844 by Charles Barnard, who worked as an ironmonger. He was inspired by cloth weaving machines and how does the machine work. He realized that something like that could happen with iron too. And he started working on the project and soon wire nets were available everywhere in the shops.

Attractive and Versatile Chicken Mesh

The chicken mesh is available in many different options, and it is not at all easy to make just the right choice. You can find a galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, plain steel and others. You will be amazed by how many options you have when it comes to sizes and diameters. If you need it for a small cage for your little groundhog, you need a mesh of the small opening size. If you want to make a new cage for your beloved horse, you need a large opening and a larger diameter wire. It can be used almost everywhere, in private as well as in public sector. People use it to strengthen the plaster. If it is applied on interior walls, in the corner, it lowers the risk of shrinkage. It can be used also in many creative ways. Sculpting yard decorations belong to most popular.

poultry net used for provide protection to chickens and hens
Exist many types of chicken mesh so that you must select the most ideal for your case.

Users’ Friendly Product

If you use chicken mesh you provide your chicken the necessary safety from all predators. Snakes are hiding in the grass while bird pests threat from the air. Foxes are curious and hungry, especially if you have chickens. If you have a propriety, it is your obligation to protect it from unexpected and unwanted visitors. On the opposite, you risk having losses and damage that might be hard to repair. It is an easy solution to have a fence from chicken wire. The advantage of installing a fence with chicken mesh is that it is an easy and inexpensive method.

chickenmalla mesh resistant protection for poultries
This mesh provide a good protction to your poultries against wild animals attacks.

If you are thinking of investing in your own chicken coop, you need to have a few things on your mind. Pay attention to the size and place. Birds need 2-3 square feet distance between them, and at least 4 square outside, in the run. Chicken need shade in heat. A frame, covered with wood provides excellent shade. Chicken also need large space, where they spend the day.

The more space you give your hens, the better they feel. For that reason, you better chose spacious coops that provide a comfortable environment. A rectangular poultry netting has the advantage of moving easier on the ground. You need a solid, small rectangular chicken mesh which foxes cannot get through. The advantage is also that they cannot put their teeth in it. If you know you have foxes in your area, you should consider putting your chicken run onto bricks, because foxes can dig underneath.

Ideal for Poultry Enclosures or Small Animal Housing

Have you ever thought to have your organic hens at your home? It is not difficult as it might seem like an initial idea. Chicken need only a coop where they stay and a fence near the place because you do not want to run after the chickens every evening. The run is also a product using chicken mesh. This usually has a place where the poultry spends the day. Take care to lock the coop every night, otherwise, your animals can be attacked by predators. The purpose of this little house is to protect poultry from everything – predators, snakes, heat, cold and rain. For the minimum of investment, you increase the level of safety.

Proper Installment for Greater Safety

chickenmalla installed for protect the garden
Too you can use the chicken mesh for provide protection to your plants against predators.

With chicken wire, you can keep out pests that eat your plants. You just need to fence the area and you have the situation under control. To make sure that nobody surprises you, you must bury a part of the mesh. To keep mice or other rodents out, you should have hexagonal gaps with a range of ½ inches. You need to be sure that the fence is tall enough. Some wild animals are excellent at jumping. Preserving your animals from external danger is not the only function of chicken mesh.

Especially in the autumn, leaves represent a huge problem. You can build a container and make compost or mulch, and then can you dump leaves there and put a frame with chicken wire to cover it. You will keep your garden clean in windy weather. Chicken wire is an excellent cat repellent if you do not want to let your yard at their disposal. Cats have sensitive paws and they hate to tread on the wire. It is also important that although cats are pets and domestic animals they love to run after chickens.

Protective Fencing

Another often-used fencing made from chicken mesh is in industry. It is often used to make a protective fencing for railways and highways. It can be used in construction as a lath to hold cement or plaster. Also used to block radio frequencies and Wi-Fi. Some people reinvented chicken wire mesh and they use it in kitchen filters and window screens to protect the interior from insect pests. The affordable price is always a good motivation to throw the attention to the product with the great applicability. In urban areas, they are often used in Zoos to build cages for smaller animals like turtles, birds or rabbits. In some zoos, we can see a strong, resistant chicken mesh even around the tiger’s cage.

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